How perks and purpose brought years of tension over the tipping point.

By now, we’ve all heard that more than 200 Google and Alphabet workers have organized to form the Alphabet Workers Union (AWU), a group that doubled in size within 24 hours.

The concerns of the union go beyond the usual issues of pay, focusing more on ethical, societal, and political issues like diversity, discrimination, and sexual harassment. …

Are you touching base with yourself on a daily basis?

Ideally we should be checking in with ourselves every single day, multiple times a day. We all know this doesn’t always happen. Some of us go weeks running on autopilot or so get focused on a project that we neglect this practice. And it is a practice.

Life has a habit of getting in the way, but not making this a habit could cost you your life. The key is making this habit as seamless as possible. Try checking in first thing in the morning or right before you go to bed so it’s easier to remember. Or maybe set…

I’ve had a few reminders that sometimes to make progress, we need to take a break from looking at the numbers.

Last week I was forced to run without my trusty Apple Watch tracking my every move. I ran a route in Central Park I was familiar with, but still, the idea of not knowing my pace or exactly what distance I was at was a little unsettling.

A few days later, my Google Analytics crashed, and very similar anxiety set in. I felt untethered like I was floating out in space with nothing to grasp onto.

It made me think back to how just recently, maybe three years ago, I would go out to run and just plan to be…

In training for the NYC Marathon, there have been learnings and challenges I expected. Here are five that surprised me and made me better at my job.

Training for the marathon is pretty much a part-time job. My training schedule requires four days a week of running, with long runs that sometimes take over three hours. And that’s just the running. There’s also the stretching, the rolling, the massaging of my feet and calves, the raising $3,000…you get the picture. I’ve trained for triathlons and duathlons before, but this feels fundamentally different.

But as much as I’ve chafed, as much as my arches have ached, and as much FOMO as I’ve had missing nights out, it’s spilled over into every area of my life in resoundingly positive…

Ro Kalonaros

Content & Culture @ Omnicom, Co-host of Adweek’s Marketer Momentum Podcast

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